Sweet Bread

Traditional Mexican sweet breads and pastries representing a wide range of regional favorites. Come in and rediscover your old favorites or treat your sweet tooth to a new delight!


The traditional Mexican cookie, our polvorones are made with the highest quality ingredients and will simply melt in your mouth! Available in a wide range of flavors and shapes.


Baked fresh daily, our galletas come in many flavors, shapes, and sizes. Custom orders can be plain or decorated with a variety of toppings for your special occasion.

Pasta Hojaldrada

Light, flaky, and buttery-rich, our puff pastry is the basis for many types of regional sweet and savory Mexican specialties.


One of our number one sellers, these traditional sweet rolls are a national favorite!  Offered in many colors and sizes.  Sweet, flaky, and delicious, they are perfect for special occasions – or just for breakfast.


Fresh-made pastry stuffed with a variety of fillings, our empanadas are a crave-worthy anytime snack.


The Mexican version of a donut, our donas are colorful, sweet, moist, and delicious any time of the day! Order custom-decorated donas for your party or special occasion!



A traditional Mexican pastry favorite. Our cortadillos are a sweet and delectable lemony treat to be enjoyed anytime you need a smile.  A wide variety to chose from.

Other Specialties

Please call us directly for custom cake orders or special requests.

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