About El Sol Panaderia

From our family to yours

El Sol Panaderia is a family-owned-and-operated business in Irving, Texas. Born and raised in Mexico, we relocated to Texas and opened our doors in December of 2012. Since then, we have been delighting our customers with traditional Mexican breads, cakes, and pastries that bring a little bit of “home” to the Hispanic community in Irving.

We strive to deliver the best quality and most delicious Mexican bakery products available, and we are proud to be your preferred Mexican bakery every single day, from your daily bread to delicious cakes and sweets to help you celebrate the important milestones in your life.

Prior to starting El Sol Panaderia, I was a teacher with IISD, and my husband was a project manager with a construction company. His dream was to have his own construction company, so in order to raise the money to get him started, we decided to start our own bakery. We knew that Irving had a big Hispanic community and not too many Mexican bakeries. It seemed like a really good plan! My husband’s family has always had bakeries in Mexico, so he knew the business well. Soon after, I left my teaching job to devote myself full-time to building the bakery business.

El Sol Panaderia
El Sol Panaderia

From day one, the bakery was a total success. Two years after we opened, my husband was finally able to launch his construction business and I took full control of the bakery operations. Since we opened our doors, we have grown from a two-person operation to one of the most successful bakeries in the area, supporting 18 employees, including two cake decorators, seven full-time bakers, and nine sales associates in the front of the store.

Every day is a pleasure, because every day is so different. Each day, we meet new people, hear their stories, and create new relationships. Some of our customers have been coming here since we first opened and our biggest compliment is when they recommend us to their friends and family. It always warms my heart to think that we are such an important part of people’s daily lives.

From such humble beginnings, we feel we have created something very special. It’s a place where the people of our community can come and get a little taste of home every single day and we know how important that is to your happiness. We even have customers that come all the way from Tyler, TX, to buy our bread – proving that it doesn’t matter how far you have to go as long as there is love at the end of the journey.

We look forward to serving you.

Please call us directly for custom cake orders or special requests.

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